Classes are held every Saturday.

Level I class 1:00 pm
Level II class 2:00 pm

Classes are subject to cancelation due to sever weather or Holidays. Please contact Tamara for updates in schedule. For the most current class schedule please visit Tamara's Facebook page.

Ballam Belly Dance & Well Being
1245 Height Blvd, Houston, Texas 77008

The studio is located inside the historic building attached to the back of Grace United Methodist at 13th & Heights Blvd. Please park in the church parking lot and go around the corner to one of the buildings entrances and the studio is located on the second floor. FOLLOW THE MUSIC AND THE GOOD ENERGY!!

NEW STUDIO LOCATION in 2015!! for updates please contact Tamara or visit


Learn how to Belly Dance with Tamara!


This dance is a celebration of the female body and life. Currently, it has fascinated modern cultures, becoming an extremely popular exercise alternative. Tamara is an admired instructor, choreographer, lecturer and performer. She offers a fun approach to learning these sensual moves. All students are given an opportunity to dance for friends and family at Tamara’s “Student Night’s” performed a few times a year! The class focuses not only on technique, but also on the dances history, music and meaning. By raising awareness, Tamara aspires to preserve this beautiful art form.
  Class Policies  
  1) Classes are 50 minutes long.  Please come at least 5 minutes early to sign in.

2) Classes cost $15 each or you can buy a 1 month pass at the beginning of every month. months with 4 weeks/Saturdays = $50 & months with 5 weeks/Saturdays = $60 (this still works out to about $12 per class!).   No credit will be given for any missed classes, so only buy a month pass if you are not planning on missing class!

3) Cash only.

Level I

      Tamara’s Level I focuses on grasping a strong understanding of basic technique. Becoming familiar and comfortable with your body and learning how to control each movement is an essential aspect of this class. You will also be exposed to an array of classical and modern (yes, even Shakira!) Belly Dance music, terminology, and moves. You will also be introduced to basic use of finger cymbals, veil and fun choreographies. Tamara contributes to each individual’s progress through personal attention and positive critiquing. This class has a fun and friendly atmosphere and is open to everyone regardless of age or fitness level.  

Level II

      Tamara’s Level II class focuses on isolations and “layering”, or using more than one movement simultaneously. She encourages everyone in this level to find their individual “style” and nourishes their development. There is also a continuing emphasis on mastering the use of finger cymbals and veil. This class is fast paced and designed for individuals with knowledge of the basic Belly Dance movements. It is by invitation only.